the absolute best people in my life

you're an ANGEL and i don't know what i'd do without you. you lift me up. i love you more and more the longer we're together. you're talented and you work so hard, and with great results as well... amazing.. you deserve better than how this world is treating you cause you're so wonderful.. smart, funny, beautiful, kind, talented. i can't believe ive found someone like you. i feel like i grow as a person with you. you're my everything and you honestly make life worth living. i love you so much.

🐺 mr. earth 🐺
known you for like what, 10+ years now???? pretty incredible. you're the best friend ever. im literally so lucky oh my god. i'm often baffled by how such a great dude has stuck with me for song hahaha. your advice is the best and so is your jokes. you're literally such a charming and likeable person, and super cool and sweet as well. wow. your dedication and passion is incredibly inspiring. thank you for always supporting me, it means everything