i've played one pokemon game in my life, and i didn't come close to completing it.. haha.. none the less, i grew up watching the cartoon and i feel like every 90s kid has a favourite pokemon. so here are mine, cus there's a bunch i think are really cool

cute and charming, stylish and kind, it's everybodys friend, magnemite!!!!! except it's a pokemon that doesn't like people all that much. well, i like to imagine that if i had one of em, they'd zap me in the morning to get me outta bed and fill their breakfast bowl with batteries and we'd go to the park where they'd sit on a power chord and refuse to come down.
i love you, magnemite

illustration: tomokazu komiya

a face you can't help but love. slap it on anything and it's instantly improved. ditto. a high quality monster!!!!!!

clay model: Yuka Morii

just a funky lady all around. love the slightly creepy, sunken eyes, hidden in shadow!! also great colourscheme, i just love tangela

illustration: hideaki hakozaki

three whole pics cus these three go together in my book!! i love the idea of a virtual pokemon. it's just COOL!!! PORYGON, PORYGON2, PORYGON-Z...

illustrations: couldn't find credit :-(

(all images are from various pokemon cards!!! illustrator credited if possible)