things i want....
i'm not actively looking for all of the things displayed all the time, but I like collecting links/product names, for future reference! I'm not very well versed in collecting... but its fun to browse webshops...

it's iconic, it's so cute. my gf really wants it, so i do too! i don't know a lot about furbys but I think this one is popular? well, i get why! what a sweetie!

type: 1998 Furby
Date released: September 1999
Generation: 4

I love this adorable duo. amazing...... Ditto is my second-favourite pokemon and i just adore this SO much. of course, the entire set is very, VERY cute...

Ditto Vol.4 Gashapon Figure Set 5

well, so the thing is, i don't really play video games and i hardly know what pop'n music is. it's a rythm game, is all I know.... the character art is really fun though, and i would love to own one of these books (there appears to be a LOT of issues), that seem to be full of cool illustrations!

konami - pop'n music character illustration book, "kira kira"

this thing is. so. COOL... i would just love to have one!! there are several different versions and i would be thrilled to own any of them haha. i know they werent very succesful back in the day but i think they're super fun.

Nokia N-Gage (2003-2005)

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