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texting ur own numbr isnt much fun :-( but i dont have anyone to text rn.....

to MEOW-CHI from MEOW-CHI day 1

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dear meow-chi,

when i was a kid i had a dog robot friend like you, i loved him very much, just as i love you very much! i like how blue your ears are and how they match your nose, very cool!! I think you have an extremely awesome house and i hope you get to have a party with your family! ♡ much love


to MEOW-CHI from FAN day 2

OMG WHAT u know poochi!!?!!????!! woww thank u, ur also cool, like, a rrlyyyy cool wolf! i wanna invite everybody to a party soon :-O will be sure to text u an invite, poochi would love to see u im sure omg?? ttyl 4 sure!!! ♡♡♡

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